Insulation done, all layers put together 31/5/2012

The experimental box is going to  be insulated in order to lover the energy needed to the heating/cooling. Polystyrene sheets, polyurethane foam and silicon were used.


– polystyrene board (47 mm thick) was attached to the back of the chamber to the MDF board to the whole side with cutted on the bottom side to fit the bottom supportive plywood board later on
– in order to reinforce the bottom of the PE box and connect it to the box two 27 x 27 mm wooden planks were screwed to MDF box in parallel to the front side (on the edge, whole length 50 cm) and partly on the back (on the edge in the middle of the back side +- 30 cm length) by two wood screws (30 mm) (from outer side MDF to the wooden plank)
– plywood desk of 42.7 cm front side, 60 cm length and 15 mm thickness was placed on these two wooden planks and screwed to them by 55 mm wood screws (two in the front and two in the back) 15 and 10 cm from bracket, 2 cm inwards from the wall
– holes for door hinges were drilled into the MDF boards 18 cm from bottom respectively top (the middle of the door hinges)
– three M5 30 screws were used to screw each door hinge on
– ventilation hole drilled 25 cm from the front in the middle of the desk with use of 54 mm diameter holesaw, second hole drilled just next to it in the direction to the back (again d=54 mm)
– the hole was enlarged to the rectangle shape with oval corners and made smooth


~ by algoldor on 08/06/2012.

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