Finishing up the front “face” of the incubator chamber box 4/6/2012

The box was left to dry after assembling all the parts and applying polyurethane foam. Now it was time to clean it up and add the front face so the box is ready for completion.

– overlapping polyurethane foam was cut with a sharp knife sometimes with pieces of polystyrene too
– the rest of the foam was removed by chisel, knife and sponge so whole internal PE box was clean and left to dry
– two strips of plywood cut: 60 cm length and 55 mm height, 12 mm thick to use for making the front of the incubator inner box/part equal
– two holes drilled 6 mm from sides (55 mm edge) on each side with 4 mm drill
– another two holes were drilled on the outer edge of the longer side 6 mm from the edge and 15 cm from the top respectively bottom
– silicon applied to the cover any holes between polystyrene and MDF/PE parts
– silicon applied on the inner side of the plywood boards
– 28 mm wood screws used to connect this piece of plywood to the MDF (NOTE – all screws in the project which I used and called wood screws were actually not exactly wood screws because they were missing the blank part close to the head, they had thread all the way to the head)
– another two pieces of plywood cut same dimensions except length (47.5 respectively 48 cm)
– four holes drilled in each piece with 4 mm drill 6 mm from outer edge every 5 and 15 cm from top respectively bottom
– silicon was again applied and the boards were screwed to the MDF
– silicon was used to make the seams??? in the inner PE box and made equal with a finger
– again silicon used to fill up the seams between all the layers in the ventilation hole
– the box was left to dry


~ by algoldor on 08/06/2012.

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