Shopping and building the Internal Layer for the chamber from polyethylene 22/5/2012

  • Shopping for the material 22/5/2012

The material for the construction was bought on 22/5/2012. The price of polyethylene sheets (PE) of white colour which were pre-cut was $38.20 (47700 ₩) and the glue was $3.2 (4000 ₩). The construction started on 24/5/2012 based on the 3D model proposal, the thickness for the PE was 5 mm, the box was of cubic shape a = 50 cm (external edge).

  • The construction of internal layer of the incubator box from PE sheets 24/5/2012

– the PE sheets were evened up first
– when fitted together quite big differences in sizes occurred
– the PE sheets for the bottom and side were put on the top of each other
– two power sources on the left and two on the right were prepared to hold the side up
– the glue was applied on both edges of the box and the sides were held together by pressing for four minutes, supporting afterwards by the power sources
– the back side was added following the same procedure
– left side was added
– some sides were strengthened by application of more glue
– the top was added and whole box was left to dry over the night
– next day the box was checked for sturdiness and it was not good enough the sides started to separate quite a lot
– the final box was not sturdy enough and some of the edges started to separate when the box was moved so at the end the box had to be taken apart and another construction approach was tried.


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