The Construction of the Doors 9/6/2012

The doors are going to be composed from external layer of MDF board (60×60 cm, 12 mm thickness), internal part made from polyethylene (PE) sheet (60×60 cm, 5 mm thickness), wooden frame (26 mm on 40 mm and to fit the 60 cm sides) surrounding insulation layer from polystyrene (44 mm thickness). The overall thickness of the doors is around 65 mm, elastic plastic material was used to fit between the PE and wooden layers. Silicone was applied so whole structure was sealed.


– the wooden frame was measured and cut with two pieces being the 60 cm and two to fit eatch the 60 cm edge
– 10-15 mm deep holes were drilled (3 mm drill) into the wood and brackets (smaller size, one screw at each side) were attached by 28 mm “wood” screws
– holes were drilled (3 mm drill) through the MDF and partly to the wood and 28 mm “wood” screws were used to connect the wood and MDF; location of holes – 12 mm from one edge and 20 mm from the other in each corner and again 12 mm and 300 mm (center of the side)
– silicone was applied into the seal between MDF and wood on the internal side
– polystyrene board (44 mm thickness) was partly cut in corners to fit and slide in
– the elastic plastic material (2.6-2.7 mm) was cut into strips to fit between the PE, MDF and polystyrene, two layers used
– the strips of elastic material were put into position and PE sheet was placed on the top and holes were drilled by 3 mm drill through all the way to the wood (some 4 mm in it); location of holes: 12 mm from the edge and 5 per each side
– silicon was applied between the wood and elastic material and elastic material and PE sheet
– the 28 mm “wooden” screws were used to attach quickly the PE sheet to the wooden frame
– notes and photos were taken the doors were left to dry


~ by algoldor on 09/06/2012.

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