Completion of the incubator chamber

The completion of the chamber was done on 10/6/2012 by attaching the doors to the chamber. I used two door hinges with three screws on both sides of the hinge, I believe 20 mm wooden screws. The hinges were located 15-20 cm from the top respectively bottom edge. The door bolts were connected by two wooden screws on each side (of the door and the chamber) and were adjustable due to the screw thread, see the pictures.

The top ventilation hole was enlarged so it was 12.5 cm wide and 35.5 cm long to accommodate the ventilation duct properly.

Last part which has to be done is the insulation between the doors and the incubator chamber. Temporarily cardboard was used approximately 3 cm wide and 55 cm long, thickness around 3 mm.

When tested the doors do not close properly but that should be improved once the proper insulation will be used. In the worst scenario another door hinges will be used.

The box was subject to testing when the heating and cooling unit was finished as reported in the next post.


~ by algoldor on 01/08/2012.

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