Experimental Icubator – prototype “Mamut” build up 22/12/2013

This and next few posts are about building a second generation of experimental incubator called “mamut” which will be presented under the Food Hacking Base logo at 30c3 in Hamburg. For credits please see “thank section” below, for sure Brmlab was great!

Please take this post as an opening, which will be later on detailed during the presentation at the event and workshop.

The basic idea is to build up again a device which will allow for easy control of internal conditions, in this case especially temperature, making fermentation of variety of culture and products much more easy and fun.

The project can be divided in several sections.

  • First the hard outer shall of the incubator chamber will be build made from plywood, insulated inner part will be done from polystyrene or PIR insulation boards (seams/gaps sealed by silicone and boards connected to plywood by same). Inner layer of the chamber will be done from some easy to wash material, at least for the bottom for the incubator chamber.
  • The heating/cooling and ventilation system will consist of peltier, most likely with help of H-bridge allowing to switch the polarity so both of them can cool and heat. The peltiers are likely to be TEC1-1270 (89W) each. To transfer the heat, heat-paste and , heat sinks (quite massive aluminium blogs) will be used and to remove/distribute the heat CPU coolers will be installed so ventilation sorted.
  • The brain and “sensoric apparatus” will be arduino based, temperature probes measuring inside temperature and based on readings switching on/off the peltiers and ventilators through solid state relays. More info you can find on the Techinc wiki at page managed by Arnd.
  • Many thanks to Brmlab for letting us to use their facilities and for all the help. Special thanks to “Santa”, Ray, Kyknos, Pasky and NiektO! For external help Arnd, Lars and Erwin has to be mentioned.

That is just a short introduction, this post will be updated and improved soon.




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