Building the External Layer of the chamber from MDF boards 25/5/2012

The material for the construction was bought on 22/5/2012. The price of the MDF boards which were precut was $32 (40 000 ₩) (he sizes were quite exact). The construction was started on 25/5 and the box was assembled during three hours or so. The 3D model of the box can be found here. The material used for construction were MDF boards of 12 mm thickness, cube shape with a=60 cm (external edge), for more info and assembly structure see the model. The box was held together by metal brackets with four M5-20 screws (two) on each side, with one screw with fitting small washer (9.8 mm external diameter) and one with bigger washer (20 mm).  The final box fit together quite well with exception of top left back corner and it was sturdy.

In order to accommodate the internal layer without distorting it’s shape due to the weight of the brews the supporting structure from MDF’s was created.

The LOG of the construction of external layer of the incubator box

– first a put the box together with tape holding the shape
– the desks were measured and 10 cm from each corner mark was made on the edge for the brackets
– the bracket was placed on the middle of the mark and the holes for the screws were copied on the board
– during the process of marking the places for the screws the box fall apart and the rest of measuring was done on the table board by board which was technically much more easy
– this was done for all the sides
– the holes were made by drilling with 6 mm wooden bit
– the ride sight was attached by the brackets and tighten by the screws
– the back wall was added and after that the left side, making sure that the front edge of all three sides is in line to make the doors closing easy
– the top part was added and whole box checked for sturdiness
– the top left back corner was bit off with the boards not fitting exactly (3-4 mm difference)
– during the construction several times the holes for the screws holding the brackets had to be enlarged to fit properly
– the resulting box


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